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Real Leadership,

Grounded in Real-World Experience,

for LD-11 Monmouth County

Let's Be the Change

Deciding to Serve

I’m Steve Dnistrian. I’m the son of immigrants and a first-generation American. After working my way up from next to nothing, raising a family, and making my way in the world, I’ve decided to run for the State Senate here in Monmouth County’s 11th Legislative District (LD-11). Why? The answer to that question is pretty simple: to serve.   


We love Monmouth County. We raised our kids here. This is the place we call home.  When it comes to creating the type of future we all want for New Jersey, our options are clear: We can hope that things will change for the better, or we can step forward and be the change we want to see in the world and right here in our home towns across LD-11.    


Anything is possible. My own story is proof of that. 

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Living the American Dream

My family has lived the American Dream. The values that underpin the American Dream – freedom, opportunity, faith – are as important today as they were when my parents came to this county.    

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We didn’t have much growing up, but we had everything we needed – namely faith, freedom, and opportunities. My mom worked as a waitress for 40+ years, and dad was in a labor union. Life was simple but good. Snazzy outfits were for special occasions (and always passed down from one brother to the next).

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Cindie and I were married in the same church where her parents took their wedding vows. Tradition and faith bind us together through the generations. We’ve been blessed with 30 years together. And we’ve learned never to take time for granted.  Never.

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My wife and I are the proud parents of three children. Parenting is tough but rewarding work. For us, it’s always been about ensuring your kids have every opportunity to succeed and live happy lives, on their terms. Based on the smiles you see in this picture, they just might be on their way.    


My parents came to the United States from two different ends of Europe, both seeking a better life. Mom came from Ireland; my father from Ukraine after enduring years in German labor camps. They became US citizens and together created a new life for themselves, from scratch.

3 brothers_edited.jpg


If we learned one lesson growing up, it was about the importance of work. From delivering newspapers at the age of 9, to working my way through college with internships, work has been a constant. Thanks to my parents’ many sacrifices, I became the second member of my family to graduate from college. (That’s not a college picture, but that is a clip on tie.)


While working for the non-profit Partnership for a Drug-Free America, I had the opportunity to meet President Bush in the White House. Even then I asked myself ‘How does a street kid, the son of immigrants, find himself shaking hands with the President of the United States?’ All part of the American Dream, right?  (For career highlights, see About.)

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Putting Monmouth County First

I’m thrilled to be running with Assemblywomen Marilyn Piperno and Kim Eulner. Together, we are deeply committed to commonsense leadership and representing your views. Together, we will work tirelessly to make New Jersey more affordable, restore full funding for our LD-11 school districts, ensure parents have a voice in their children’s education and support strong law and order in our communities. (Visit  “The Issues” page to learn more about The Monmouth First Team.)

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Join me. Let’s “be the change” together…
3 Easy Ways to Get Involved

We need strong leadership in the State Senate for LD-11, the type of leadership that is grounded in real-world experience, common sense and in tune with your concerns. I’m determined to understand and represent YOUR views on the issues. That’s central to representative democracy, right? That’s why my campaign will be a constituent-led movement – that is, a movement that is defined by the issues that mean the most to you.


We can BE THE CHANGE together. Here are three easy ways to get involved.


Send me input on what you believe are the most important issues facing NJ and Monmouth County.


We’ll be walking neighborhoods, knocking on doors, and having great conversations with our neighbors throughout the campaign.  Interested in walking with Steve? Let’s do this.

Sign up here.


Please consider donating on-line today. We’ll put every dollar to work to deliver real leadership for Monmouth County in the State Senate.  

Want to Do Even More?

Send me your contact info and I’ll call you directly.

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Connect with Steve

STEVE for Senate, PO Box 71, Colts Neck, NJ 07722

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