My name is Steve Jose Poveda and I am running for a seat in New Jersey’s General Assembly to represent the 29th District. I was born and raised in the great city of Newark to a family of immigrants with a proud Latino heritage. Our campaign is a challenge to the towering political machine that decides its party nominees behind closed doors. It is a campaign that refuses to accept the status quo as the doctrine of a vibrant, urban, working class district. We seek to reconnect the progressive values of our residents and those we elect to represent us.


An economy that works for all residents is an economy that asks the wealthy to pay their fair share in taxes. It is an economy that reconsiders corporate tax subsidies in the face of a revenue shortage that unfairly asks state pensioners to give up hard-earned benefits. It is an economy that fights for a living wage, not a minimum wage that will fall short of sustaining working families of New Jersey in a few years.

A twenty-first century education in New Jersey requires us to move away from standardized testing, including NJSLA, which place unfair, social advantages on those with the means to prepare for long exams. We must develop curricula that place emphases on reading and critical thinking.

We do a great job pushing our kids into four-year colleges but fail to provide debt relief and solutions to the student loan crisis. I will support legislation to expand student loan forgiveness programs through service corps in areas outside of health and education.

Increasing the voter turnout in our elections starts with engaging communities and giving them reasons to vote. Educating the public on issues is the responsibility of our elected officials. We promise to hold a town hall with noted policy experts at least once a month. Voter suppression is more than just a matter of ID requirements. It comes in the form of outdated registration rules that have kept our voter turnout rates embarrassingly low. I strongly support legislation to allow for online and same-day voter registration. I will also explore the feasibility of term limits on state legislators to encourage others to run for office with fresh ideas and discourage corruption. Finally, a move to an open primary system, extremely important in a reliably blue state like New Jersey, is a policy I am in favor of.

We move towards a more just society by addressing injustices in our own backyard, regardless of jurisdiction. Essex County is home to an ICE detention center, where hundreds of undocumented immigrants are being held often in inhumane conditions. Our campaign calls for the county to end its ICE contract with the federal government.

Any marijuana legalization effort needs to include expunging records of low-level criminal convictions related to possession.

We support any efforts to provide a basic state drivers license to undocumented immigrants. In New Jersey, where driving is often the only way to get to one’s place of work, we must allow residents the basic freedom of mobility. 


I believe an elected official must earn their seat by offering a vision for the state. They must demonstrate the willingness to speak on behalf of the working class, not corporations looking for tax breaks. They must support unions and teachers, not demonize them. They must speak out against social injustices in our backyard, not protect the politicians behind them.


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