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Democrats Try to Run, But Can’t Hide from TheirRadical Education Policies

"No, Democrats: Your Record Isn’t “Made Up.”

COLTS NECK, N.J. – Following a new poll from Monmouth University that shows a majority reject key elements of Governor Phil Murphy and Senator Vin Gopal’s radical agenda for New Jersey schools, Democratic leaders are scrambling to rewrite history – so much so that they have now resorted to denigrating parental rights’ issues as simply “made up.”

“Parents are shocked and angry to learn about what the state has been doing to push sex and gender ed to children as young as five years old,” said Steve Dnistrian, candidate for state senate in Monmouth County’s LD-11. “Despite Democratic leaders’ attempt to gaslight voters by dismissing their concerns as ‘made up,’ the more parents learn more about Vin Gopal’s voting record, the outrage continues to grow.”

“Now, the Democrats are running from their actions, words and voting record that have pushed sex and gender too far, and dared to cut parents out of critical discussions,” said Assemblywomen Marilyn Piperno and Kim Eulner. “Senate President Scutari called the parents’ rights issue fake, and members of the attorney general’s office are now calling their own mandates on preventing parental notification ‘guidance.’ Lies upon more lies won’t work. The good news is that parents are catching on.”

Here are 5 facts that Nick Scutari and Vin Gopal could only wish were “made up,” with just weeks left until Election Day:

1. Sex and gender education curriculum is now mandated in school for children as young as 5 years old, due to a law originally co-sponsored by Gopal.

2. As Chair of the Senate Education Committee, Gopal stood by as the state recently directed school districts to permit young boys into girls’ sports and girl’s bathrooms, and vice versa, and directed gender pronouns, like “he” and “she,” be removed from school systems.

3. Gopal has said nothing as the Murphy administration decided to sue three school boards in Monmouth County to prevent parental notification. On national television, Murphy said that the decision to sue boards, comprised of parents volunteering their time, was the “right thing to do,” calling the overall situation a “culture war.” (See video clip here.)

4. More than $70 million in state aid has been cut from school districts in LD-11, due to a new law supported by Gopal, leading to teacher layoffs, cuts in programs and increased taxes.

5. Earlier this year, Gopal refused to support a “Parents’ Bill of Rights” designed to protect the rights of families in schools and ensure parents always have a say in the health and well-being of their children.


Legislative District 11 has been named by national Republicans as one of the state’s most competitive races this November. The district encompasses Allenhurst, Asbury Park, Bradley Beach, Colts Neck, Deal, Eatontown, Fair Haven, Freehold borough and township, Interlaken, Loch Arbour, Long Branch, Neptune city and township, Ocean, Red Bank, Shrewsbury borough and township and Tinton Falls.


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