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New Jersey Now Ranks as #1 in the US,
But In All the Wrong Categories…

And here in Monmouth County,

Trenton's destructive policies have…

The good news?

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It Doesn’t Need to Be This Way.

We can change New Jersey for the better by bringing real leadership to the State Senate for the 11th Legislative District here in Monmouth County.


​In the last election, Marilyn Piperno and Kim Eulner decided to run for the State Assembly for the first time. And they won. Why? Marilyn and Kim focused on issues that matter to all of us.

Here’s what our constituents are currently saying is important:


  • Parents’ Rights: Parents want to be involved in all matters involving their kids’ education and age-appropriate curricula.

  • Supporting Our Schools: Millions of dollars have been cut from our schools and sent to other parts of the state. FULL funding must be restored.

  • Law & Order: Supporting strong law and order, so law enforcement can do their jobs and crack down on crime, is essential.

  • Affordability: By bringing common sense and fiscal discipline to state spending, we can make NJ more affordable for everyone.

  • Veterans and Seniors deserve our support, respect and programs that recognize their needs and honor their service.


As a team, no one will work harder for you on the issues. With commonsense leadership, we will ensure that Monmouth County remains the great place it is to live, work and raise a family.

What Issues Are Important to You?

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